Loose Ends

Pr Bruss and Pr Kerns listen to and talk about L-A-D-Y Pastors which seem to be all the rage these days. We listen to a yahoo who wants the events of Acts to continue today, and we round off the show with a Roman Catholic dissin’ on Luther. Enjoy.

Objective Truth vs. Subjective “Truth”

When in doubt, only accept the objective–because you cannot trust what comes from your reason, your heart or your fickle feelings. Nor can you accept the subjective meanderings of your preacher. If your preacher says, “The Lord told me to tell you…” Pr. Bruss and Kerns have this to say: “Run!”

How Do You Like Your Baptism? Wet or Dry?

Another Sacramentarian minimizing Holy (Wet) Baptism. Everything’s “spiritual” to these folks. Listen to Pr. Bruss and Pr. Kerns as we give Andrew Farley a listen.

Abusing the Bible

God gives gifts. We sin when we abuse those gifts. What about when preachers abuse the Bible in their preaching? There are endless examples of this abuse. Pr. Bruss and Kerns listen to a handful which make the point.


How does the American Evangelical view the End Times? Well kids, it’s convoluted. Bust out your charts and graphs and listen along with Pr. Bruss and Pr. Kerns. The simple truth of Scripture is better.

Blair’s Prayer vs. the Lord’s Prayer

American Evangelicals believe the prayer the Lord Jesus gave us to pray is nothing more than an outline or a blueprint. Pr. Kerns and Pr. Ross listen to guest preacher Matt Blair giving his best performance on the subject of prayer.