Pastors’ Roundtable on John

John 4:1-45 |Pastors Bruss, Ockree and Kerns discuss the conversation and conversion of the woman at the well, a.k.a., St. Photini. This was her name given to us by the Church Fathers. It means “the luminous one” from φῶς, “light.”

Imago Dei

You hear it frequently–“Everyone is made in the image of God, and becasue of that, blah, blah, blah.” Is it true that everyone is made in God’s image, or was only Adam? What part does salvation play in restoring this image? Pr. Kerns and Pr. Ockree discuss it.

Pastors’ Roundtable on John

In today’s episode Nicodemus finds out he doesn’t have to crawl back into his mother’s womb in order to be born from above. This, we’re certain, was a great relief to Nicodemus’ mother. Join the same Pastors sitting around the same round table discussing the first half of John 3.

Pastors’ Roundtable on John

It’s the same Prs. sitting around the same table. But this time, we take up John 2. Take a listen, because you’ll learn something.

Train Wreck Special

Pastor Randy Hand thinks all Christians should see miracles in their lives. The miracle will be, if Prs. Kerns and Bruss can make it to the end of Randy’s sermon.

Pickin’ Low Hangin’ Fruit w/ the Vicar

We know, we know. You thought the COVID19 fiasco cooked the Plucked Chicken for good. But we are like toe nail fungus, in that you can’t get rid of us that easily. On this episode Pr. Kerns is joined by an unnamed Vicar, who both pick some low hanging fruit concerning…of all things…Holy Baptism.

Using God’s Word as Mantra

Prs. Ockree and Kerns think this sermon sounds more like witchcraft than a Christian sermon. But what do they know? Give it a listen and you be the judge.