How Can Such a Symbolic Meal Do Sooo Much?

It seems that the Body and Blood of Christ do more than Christ promised. Who knew? Listen to Prs. Kerns and Ockree as they found out.

Prs. Boyle and Lovett on Holy Baptism

Here in our 75th episode, The Plucked Chicken hosts the dynamic duo of Pastors Boyle and Lovett in Wichita KS, who are forced to endure two American Evangelical sermons on Holy Baptism. As Pr. Boyle is prone to say, “It’s a mess.”

Emphasis: Dream Team

Are you on a Dream Team? If you’re not, you could be missing out on transformation…or at least that’s what we’re told. Listen to Prs. Ockree and Kerns wonder why they have missed this “essential” doctrine for the Christian.

Wait…what? 3 baptisms?

Let’s see…there’s the 3 little pigs, 3 blind mice and 3 legged races. There’s even Three’s Company with John Ritter and Mr. and Mrs. Roper. But 3 baptisms? What you talkin’ ’bout Willis? Maybe just maybe there’s only one baptism just like the Nicene Creed teaches and confesses. Give a listen to Pr. Bruss and Kerns and you decide how many baptisms there truly are.

Don’t Wanna Thrive!

At Thrive Church in Colorado they THRIVE! They do so by preaching God’s Word out of context–over and over and over again. But who cares? People love having their ears tickled (2 Timothy 4:3). If this is what it means to THRIVE, Pr. Bruss and Pr. Kerns want none of it. They hope you don’t either.

Examples in Missin’ ‘da Point

If you think pastors only work a couple of hours on Sunday, and more content should be put on the Plucked Chicken–Prs. Kerns, Bruss and Ockree couldn’t agree with you more! However, dropping podcasts is not their call, though it is their joy, when they can do so. In this episode, you get two sermons, for the price of none. It’s from two yahoos who preach on the exact same text, and both completely miss ‘da point.

Discovering the Mysteries

Prs. Bruss and Kerns have eagerly awaited Pr. Farley (affectionately known as, The Twisted Preacher) arriving at 1 Corinthians 10 and 11. Though Farley’s church is called Church w/o Religion, a more apt name would be, Church w/o Truth. Listen for yourself, especially with an open Bible. See who promotes the truth concerning the Sacrament of the Altar or who is just being novel. Hint: Believe the Scriptures, not just someone’s vain imaginations!